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Cool for the summer!


Monday 2nd May 2016


Highlights for Garcia Jeans Kids - Boys collection from FYT ages 8-12 years

As we are still transitioning to Spring/Summer clothing owing to the changeable weather we have been experiencing in April, we thought it best to showcase some stylish and comfortable outfits from the boys collection of Garcia Jeans Boys SS16.  They are so versatile and bursting with vibrant colours that can be paired easily for a cool summer!


Soft, navy sweat pants in that can be dressed up and down but genuinely the garment our kids wear most when dying to get out of their school clothes!


Super slim jeans with comfortable elastane stretch that make them amazingly comfortable will strike a designer balance against any top as they sit so much better on your childs body.    


Style tips:


  • Buy a bigger size and invest in a cool belt too - it's definitely an investment we do not regret and FYT have a great brown leather option from Garcia Jeans Kids which will lift the look of almost any jean, chino or trouser to another level.


  • When you have short collars on a polo top like the ones below, then flip them up every time for an edgey, cooler look and feel.


  • When your trouser is that little bit long, rolling it up looks so much cooler and very european in style against a white plimsole/trainer.





Best wishes

Andy & Eleni 



The devil is in the detail - Garcia Jeans Kids SS16


Tuesday 26th April 2016


Highlights for FYT girl collection SS16 - ages 8-12 years

Garcia Jeans Kids collection for SS16 has impressed us with its grown-up styling where dark backgrounds and effective slogan prints are complimented with beautiful embroidery detail both at the front and back.


Blooming florals and the introduction of a strong pop of colour or clash of prints makes the result totally modern and effortlessly cool.



Leading up through the Spring Bank Holiday, Fine Young Things is offering its cutomers 20% discount at checkout so watch out for the code by following us on


Have a great long weekend!

Best wishes

Andy & Eleni 






Shades of Spring


Sunday 20th March 2016



Dusty pink and soft peach with ivory for the girls and blue hues for the boys.....



Neon flashes of orange, pink and yellow…..


Pastel shades of aqua blue and cool mint….


March is somewhat of an estranged month in the shopping calendar as it finds itself outside of the end of season sales and in between the transition from winter to spring fashion.


We don't blame you for waiting to see what's turning up.  The season is early but we're hoping you like what you see already. 😊 



What March does provide is an early view of what the spring and summer shades are leaning towards. 



As for what we can see from our staple brands from CWF - Billieblush; Billybandit and Carrément Beau...No big surprise.


  • Hues of pink and blue are abundant as they marry beautifully with sequined ivory skirts or classic chinos.

  • Be adventurous and frivolous with neon shades of orange and yellow that can brighten the state of mind if not the weather at times. 

  • Cool down with fresh shades of aqua blue and gentle turquoise/mint.


Have a wonderful Easter Holiday break!

Best wishes

Andy & Eleni 



Don't Panic - Keep calm! 

Tuesday 26th January 2016


We could have concentrated this blog on amazing clothing we have at up to 60% discount but instead it's hopefully a pause for thought regarding our January blues. 


Pay checks are now arriving so credit cards are being paid that reached critical mass over that ubiquitous period of over indulgence we know as Xmas and New Year.   But now what?  We need to see some light amidst the cold and gloomy climate right now in the UK at least 😕

For us, January now brings added stress with two of our children having birthdays to prepare for which does also bring us joy and happiness but it certainly doesn't help being before pay day...what were we thinking! 😊 

Many of us at this time have set unrealistic resolutions which have already been broken and others are revelling in their new found strength to build on what they have started. Either way, we still advise you set yourself some achievable goals this month and lay down some plans that will see you rise above the seemingly daunting task of school runs, work and general house keeping.

Even if it's to get out of the house 10 minutes earlier to enjoy a much less crazy school run or walk to the shops to buy some essentials for the day. The phrase "Carpe Diem" is one that we feel is so inviting and inspirational and it simply means "Seize the Day". 

You know you can 😊.  

You're a Fine Young Thing VIP!


Best wishes

Andy &Eleni 



Party Time! Festive Fashion for Kids 

Monday 7th December

The Christmas discos are in full swing, panto trips booked and with parties-a- plenty in the diary it’s time to deck the halls and get the children looking festive too! We all need a little sparkle at this time of year so here at Fine Young Things we want to share our favourite picks for kids’ party wear.

Classy and Casual 

Mix luxurious fabrics with easy-to-wear, relaxed styling and you’ll effortlessly tick all the boxes this Christmas. Mix and match these pieces throughout the year to get to get your money’s worth too. 


Dress Up Time

Pick a comfortable and cute dress and it will see your little girl through the party season in style. Simple to put on and with no accessories to worry about, making it a win-win for mum and dad.


Casual Style


Who says cargo trousers aren’t for Christmas? Smart, yet way too cool for school - there’ll be no pre-party arguments with this outfit choice! 


Tutu Pretty


We can’t go without mentioning frills, sequins, full skirts and outfits that simply scream ‘PARTY’. Mini fashionista’s will love these stunning separates. 


Here’s wishing you lots of fun with your Fine Young Things this Christmas.


Best wishes



What is the perfect party outfit for boys?

Sunday 8th November 2015


Having earlier dropped my middle son off at yet another birthday party (there are so many, am I right?) and deliberated for far too long on what he could wear, I wondered "Does everyone have this problem and what is the perfect party outfit for boys?"

I tend to think that it's not such a dilemma with girls - not having any daughters myself I do miss the opportunity to sparkle things up. Plus I imagine a pretty party dress or funky leggings and sparkly top works every time.  Though I'm sure there are other problems to deal with such as tricky tights and optional accessories ...

Of course, if there is a theme to the party, that can help and to be honest I literally jump for job when it's a football party as there's no tough decision to be made.  He can just pick one of the countless kits we've accumulated or been handed down over the years - simple!

If you're stuck this party season here are my tried and tested party dressing tips for boys:

1. Give in.  

Let them wear their beloved, now faded/stained football strip that they've worn to the last twenty parties.  If they're happy and comfortable really what else matters?

2. Go smart.

Complement a pair of jeans with a white shirt and a fitted blazer ... looks great but not the most comfortable for running around in so choose your occassion for this one.

3. Do casual. 

Team a pair of combats or joggers with a funky top for a laidback relaxed look.  It's easy to wear and move in and looks good - job done!



I'd love to hear about your party dressing solutions and favourite outfits and wish you all luck during the hectic children's party season!


Best wishes